Diabolical Toy Factory: Digital Publishing for Smart Devices

Take me to the Undead Girls Online Support Group!

Diabolical Toy Factory creates and markets enhanced eBooks, mostly for young adults and mostly creepy, edgy, magical stuff.

We started off as a book marketing company… creating social media strategy and online promotional media for a number of books that went on to become best sellers.

We’ve been in the business of producing animation and video for some time now…

And frankly, stand alone book trailers drive me crazy: they’re not really like movie trailers, in that they aren’t actually cut from the book… rather, they exist as ephemeral business cards (dissolving posters? exploding bookmarks?).

I always thought the stuff we used to market the book and engage readers should come from within the book (like with movies). Sort of “moving illustrations”.

So we decided to create eBooks inhabited by text based stories, enhanced with digital art, video, music and animation.

And that’s when it hit me: this makes us a publishing company.

Because what we do is curate stories, package them with media, publish / produce them…

And then we market them.

How cool is that?

We’re creating an online community of people who read/write YA fiction: that means they can be young adults, people who read young adult books or people who write for young adults. We’re very inclusive. We plan to draw our stories from this community… through contests and writing initiatives, to create “crowd sourced” anthologies, and yes, novels too (more about that particularly diabolical plot later).

Our first project will be an animated eBook called Undying Love… a book of undead teenaged love stories.

We are raising the funds to produce this book via Kickstarter at http://bit.ly/undying

We are attracting writers and project participants with a writing contest: http://bit.ly/undeadwriters
So here are a few of the basics:

We plan to produce a new book every three months.

We will curate writing that is created within our online “world building” community.

Our first writing community can be accessed at http://secretundeadsocialclub.com

An example of the writing format can be seen at http://www.undeadgirlsonlinesupportgroup.com (catch up on the story by downloading the free serialized ePub at http://bit.ly/undeadgirls1)

To participate, writers must join our online community. This is free, though in the future there will be paid upgrades available to free members.

Writers are offered a cut of royalties based on the amount of content included in each book (Diabolical toy takes 20% of revenues after expenses).

We do not charge writers to produce them.

Occasionally we will hold writing competitions that offer a cash prize. To participate, there will be a reasonable entry fee.

As a matter of fact, we’re running a contest now http://bit.ly/undeadwriters

No one will have to pay to have their writing to be considered, chosen and published in any of our books… only those competing for the cash prize pay a fee.

So that’s it.  We’re an evolving, digital only, multi-media, publishing / production company that partners with authors via crowd sourcing.  Say that ten times fast 🙂

Feel free to leave a message… we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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